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Hydroseeding is the application of lime, fertilizer, seed, fiber mulch and tack to loose, friable soil. It is now the “gold standard” in lawn maintenance and application. Gone are the days of laying hay, now are the days of hydroseeding.

Hydroseeding is a revolutionary process which Billy Goat Landscaping has mastered. Billy Goat has been in the hydroseeding business since 1988. Billy Goat Landscaping has laid thousands of new lawns using the hydroseeding process and is considered one of the premier hydroseeding companies in York County.

Hydroseeding is a rather simple process. Soil is laid on the new surface, and a mixture of lime, fertilizer, seed, mulch and tack is applied to the soil using a pressurize hose system.
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Hydroseeding FAQ

After the hydroseed is applied, it holds all the key components in place so germination can occur. Because of its rich slurry moisture penetrates and retains to help the germination process.
Depending upon your area and time of the year, most residential lawns can see growth within 10-14 days, and can expect to make their first cut within 35 days.
Twice a day for 15-20 minutes. Watch the weather, if you know it's going to be hot then add another watering. The key is to not let the hydroseed dry, it should always be moist, but not puddle.
Remember we put a fertlizer in the initial application, so don't add fertilizer until the 5th week. When choosing a fertilizer choose one high in nitrogen and apply when your grass is light green in color.
A good base of topsoil or loam is the first requirement, depending on the area 2”-4” inches is recommended. Also the loam shouldn't sit and become "hard." Seeding of any kind should be done when loam is loose and germination can occur. Billy Goat Landscaping can also assist you in prepping your new lawn before Hydroseeding.